IT Services for Your Home and Small Business

As a full-service IT consulting firm, Superstar Consulting Inc. offers the following services:


Computer Service / Repair

We offer what the big name companies offer but at a much lower price and superior customer service. 


We can help you with:

- Hardware Diagnostics

- Software Diagnostics

- Hardware Upgrades.

- Software Upgrades

- Software Installation

- Software Removal

- Virus Removal

- Malware Removal

- Operating System Installations / Repair

- Blue Sceen Errors

- Data Recovery

- Data Transfer

- Remote Administration

- Remote Access

- System Migration.

- Custom Built Computers

- NAS systems (Network Attached Storage)

Network Services

Router installation + Configuration.

Wireless Network.

Network Setup.

Network Expansion.

Cable Runs.

Sharing data across the network.

Printer sharing over the network.

Access your network remotely.

Security Cameras

Helping your choose the correct Security Camera System. 


Installing the cameras either inside or outside.

Choosing how they should record: motion, always recording, set times...

Type of cameras from low quality to high definnition.

Stationary cameras, PTZ cameras (Pan Tilt Zoom), Dome Cameras...

View the camera system on your TV, Computer, Smart Phone or Tablet.




Video Transfer

VHS tapes degrade over time. Even if they are stored properly. After about 10 years they start to degrade. Help ensure that your family videos can be passed on to the digital generation.

We can transfer most VHS type tapes and Hi8 tapes to DVD or Digital Media (SD cards, Hard Drives)


Once the videos are transferred to digital we can make as many copies as you would like for the entire family.


8mm (reel to reel)  transfer - coming soon.


(we can not tranfer copyright video)