Computer Service

Superstar Consulting Inc. is a full-service IT consulting company based in Brooklyn, NY. We apply unique technology solutions to your home computer or your small business.


Three easy ways to help with your computer issues: 

  1. Remote Assistance. --> Requires active internet connection.
  2. Drop Off. --> Schedule a time to drop it off.
  3. On-Site service. --> We come to you.


Desktop Repair.

Laptop Repair.

Virus Removal.

Spyware Removal.

OS Installation & Repair.


Data Recovery.

Data Transfer.

Custom Built Computers.

Gaming Computers. 


Network Solutions

We offer networking services for your home or small business.


- Network setup

- Router installation / Configuration

- Cable Runs

- Login to your network when your away from home or the office.

- Share files and resources.

- Security for Wireless networks.

- View your security cameras when your out of the office or house.



Security Camera's 

Youtube Channel

Security Cameras  1080p

1080P Night Vision

1080p Night Vision

DVR Camera Systems are here and fully customizable. 

Securing your home or office just got a little easier.

From dummy cameras to High Definition PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras.

See who is outside of your home from your TV, Computer, Smartphone or Tablet.

Check in on employees in the office to see what they are doing or not doing. 

Help prevent employees or criminals from stealing your valuables.

Camera's don't lie.